Julian Rakuschek - 2023-04-11 - TU Graz

Workload Tracking

When studying at a university in Austria, the course workload is always given in the form of "ECTS" which means "European Credit Transfer System". One ECTS equals 25 working hours, but often this is only a mere estimation. I wanted to track how much effort I actually invest into courses which is why I programmed a simple workload tracker written in Svelte and Flask. The data is stored in a MongoDB.

The most prominent example is of course Operating Systems by Prof. Daniel Gruss:

Workload of OS

The results are presented using Chart.js:

Workload of NumOp

Most importantly, one can conviently enter the current workload via sliders:

Workload Sliders

A future feature would be the synchronisation with a cloud databse such that it can be used on the mobile device as well.